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Dr. Stacey Raybuck Schatz
Professional Physical Therapy & 
Sports Medicine

"I've seen 17 % growth and our best month since 2011! I attribute  that growth to Chad's program and systems."

Derek Hines, PT
Acadiana Pain and Performance Rehab

"I grew my practice from 120 visits per month to 300 visits per month in 4 and a half months using Chad’s systems!"

Ofir Isaac, PT
Allcare Physical Therapy

"After implementing Chad's system my patient volume doubled! We also reactivated 46 past patients. All in 6 weeks!"

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  • This postcard is one of the main reasons I was able to grow my practice 600% in the last 3 years...
  • When I implemented workshops and used this postcard, I grew from 33 to 184 patients per month! 
  • Used monthly, this system will attract more Direct Access, Cash Pay, and Out Of Network patients to your practice.
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Honestly, I know that most Practice Owners who take us up on this postcard will win with it and there is a good chance they'll end up taking us up on our other services...
And more importantly, I believe in Private Practice PT and I want the profession to thrive and I know it's tough right now for some of you... 


If you pay the $9 you will also be given a video that reveals a bit more on how and why this postcard works. I will also send over a digital copy IMMEDIATELY. Finally, you'll have the opportunity to learn more about my workshops...