Join These Industry Experts and Discover How To Best Rebound After a Crisis and Rebuild Stronger Than Ever

Friday, July 10th | 10AM Eastern, 7AM Pacific

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What is the 
"Rebound & Capitalize Virtual Summit?"

Now is the time to rebuild and come out of the COVID crisis  stronger than ever.  We are bringing together the best from within the Physical Therapy Industry to address how you can find opportunity in the current market. 


  • Rebounding with a focus on Finance and Profitability
  • ​How the PT job market has flipped and how you can capitalize
  • Understanding the value of your PT business in the marketplace 


Chad Madden, MSPT

Helping Owners Help More People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally Through Direct Access Marketing. Owner of 5 Clinics & Leader to 1000's of Owners, Chad will walk you through what he sees as the best practices for rebounding after the storm.

Carl Mattiola

Helping People in Pain Get Back to Normal Naturally By Building Software and Automation. Just before breaking into the PT industry, he was serving as a marketing executive at Telsa under Elon Musk himself. He helped launch the Tesla Model S to over $60-Million in sales in less than a year.

Bob Kowalick

Helping Private Practice Owners Get Paid More and Get Paid Faster as CEO/Managing Member of Revenue Cycle Solutions, LLC formerly known as Certified Reimbursement Solutions, LLC. Bob and his company, Revenue Cycle Solutions, help Private Practice PT's get paid more and get paid faster.

Rick Gawenda, PT

Learn about how to rebound with a focus on finance and profitability. As a licensed physical therapist with 25 years of experience, Rick currently serves as the founder and President of Gawenda Seminars & Consulting, Inc. He provides education and consulting in the areas of CPT coding, ICD-10 coding, billing, documentation compliance, revenue enhancement, practice management, and denial management.

Jeff Ostrowski

Jeff has hired over 100 therapist in the last 6 years and is the Managing Partner of E&A Therapy, Inc. With over 30 clinics his experience on growth and scaling can't be beat. Tune in to hear his advice on how to benefit from the current state of the PT job market. 

Steve Mountain

Steve Mountain has been a negotiator his whole business career, he's now the owner and president of MT Consulting Business Brokerage Services. Steve’s first experience in selling healthcare practices may still be the largest Physical Therapy sale in that sector today as it was at the time the sale of Pat Croce’s 40-clinic Sports Physical Therapists chain.

Dimitrios Kostopoulos

Dr. Dimitrios Kostopoulos, DPT, MD, PhD, DSc, ECS is the co-founder of the Hands-On Organization, a consortium of companies that span from the areas of private practice physical therapy, diagnostic testing, education, and a national franchise. He is a best-selling author, a board-certified clinical electrodiagnosis specialist, and he has helped hundreds of practices around the country to establish Hands-On Approved Diagnostic Centers within their practices. His passion is to advance physical therapy to the consumers' first choice for musculoskeletal problems.


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Sessions are live streamed from 10am - 4pm Eastern Time 
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The State of Private Practice PT: Getting Back To Normal. Chad Madden. 

This past quarter has been chaotic. Most periods of rapid growth are preceded by periods of chaos, must like we just went through. In this session Chad will talk about the outlier practices that are already back to normal and beyond. 

Optimization & Same Store Growth: How to Optimize. Jeff Ostroski. 

Jeff touches on the 3 types of owners in regards to profitability - the roller coaster, the under achiever, and the consistent gainer. He explains each owner's roadblocks and how to use the current state of the market to optimize your practice's function.

What is Your Practice Worth? What You Need to Know. 
Steve Mountain & Chad Madden. 

We’re all going to exit one day, learn how to get the most value out of your practice. Listen in on this interview with Steve Mountain on what every owner needs to know to understand the value of their PT business in the marketplace . 

Profitability in PT Private Practice: What we have learned from Covid-19. Bob Kowalick. 

There is a right way to grow a practice. Bob is going to talk about how to expand while being financially stable at the same time.

How To Achieve Patient Compliance, Better Outcomes, and Higher Reimbursements. Dimitrios Kostopoulos. 

Patient compliance is critical for the clinical and financial success of the Physical Therapy private practice. This presentation will address the main drivers to non-compliance and provide solutions to achieving greater patient compliance. 

COVID-19 or Not: What Metrics Should I Be Tracking? Rick Gawenda

As a licensed physical therapist with 25 years of experience, Rick understands what elements create a financial sound practice. Tune in as he shares how to plan for financial success and build towards stability after the shock of the COVID crisis. 

Marketing Strategies to Rebound & Capitalize: The Strategies That Are Working In Private Practice PT Right Now. Kathy Borkoski, Carl Mattiola & Chad Madden.

“How Can I Get Back To Normal As Soon As Possible?” “What’s The Best Way To Market My Practice Right Now?” We’ll be answering these questions in this session. We’ll share proven strategies, tactics, and case studies working in 3 different clinics across the country.